3 Amazing Ayurvedic Massages You Must Know

3 Amazing Ayurvedic Massages You Must Know

Ayurveda has been a part of Indian Culture since time immemorial. Not only have the medicines proven to be the most effective ones, the ayurvedic massage has left its own impact on the health and wellness genre as a whole. An Ayurvedic treatment is nothing but a holistic therapy that works along with allopathy. The purpose is to get the best results without any side effects. Ayurvedic massages are one such part of the Ayurvedic healing method. This is performed with a combination of pressure point massages, aromatic oil and different motions for complete relaxation. Here are some types of Ayurvedic massages you must know.

Shirodhara Massage – An Important Ayurvedic Massage

Ancient Indian Ayurvedic scriptures such as Charak samhita denote several names and benefits of the Shirodhara massage. Shiro Sheka, Parisheka and Dhara are few of the many names given to the treatment. The term is derived from two Sanskrit words namely ‘Shiro’ meaning head and ‘Dhara’ meaning pouring something. Thus this dual treatment not only works on external pain but also works on multiple other layers of healing.

While the Shiro part remains constant, dhara may cover different combinations of herbal oils and the likes depending upon the level of treatment needed. Tail dhara, Takra dhara and Dugadha Dhara are some of the popular ones. The massage usually lasts for about 60 minutes. The benefits are clearly felt for the days to come. Relieving stress, enhancement in sleep quality, reducing anxiety and working on Vata doshas are some of the important benefits of the massage. Getting a Shirodhara massage at least once in your life is a must. However, people allergic to oils or women in their last stage of pregnancy should avoid a visit.

Pizhichil Treatment

People who have muscular pain, paralysis, sexual problems and insomnia may need to have a glance at this massage treatment. The pizhichil as the name suggests means squeezing and here it denotes warm and heated oil from the cloth. I once had an opportunity to get this massage and trust me it got me goosebumps. The entire process of 60-90 minutes is transcending. This goes on for a period of 7-21 days which concludes the treatment and the related effects can be noticed thereafter. People have claimed to witness promising improvements from the massage. So, if you have any of the problems related to this you must definitely go for this treatment. Let Ayurveda deal with your problems.

Udvartana Therapy

This type of massage is done using herbal powders or paste. Udvartana therapy is most effective for diabetic Neuropathy, Paralysis, Obesity and Skin care. The present in the powder are harad, bibhitaki, amla, deodar and kuthi. These are known to dissolve excessive fat from the body. The procedure of doing the udvartana is known by the professionals. The powder or paste mixture is rubbed on the entire body for a period of 30-45 minutes. The powder has absorptive properties which help to pull out the excessive fat from the body. Swedana, a herbal shower is recommended after the massage is done. This helps in rinsing off the powder completely from the body.

3 Amazing Ayurvedic Massages You Must Know

Benefits of Udvartana Therapy includes weight loss, improvement in skin complexion, removal of blockages in blood vessels, stimulating fat metabolism. As the therapy focuses on cutting down fat from the body, it automatically serves as an annihilator of many dangerous diseases. The benefits Ayurveda offers us is far more than we already know. Nonetheless ayurvedic massages are certainly making our health better.

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